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professional practice
December 2017

Are you an aspiring nutritionist, health coach, personal trainer or counselor? Topics include legal framework, marketing techniques, defining goals, consulting skills, time management, client relationships, building rapport, professionalism and a recap on effective communication skills.

Superhero mentorship
september 2017

A powerful journey designed to help you make massive shifts in your life. A full month mentorship retreat in a beautiful ecovillage near St Sauveur, Quebec. Intensive one on one and group coaching to optimize your mind, body and business! A truly transformational experience.   

Costa rica mentorship
february 2018

Join us for a life changing, adventure packed mentorship experience in the beautiful environment of Costa Rica. Are you looking for more wisdom, impact and adventure? Join a tribe of passionate and driven humans looking to take on the world's biggest challenges. Your community awaits you! 



We are all ONE, and as humans, we thrive through community. We are here to help each other grow by sharing and supporting one another.


Bed & Breakfast

Your home away from home awaits. Unique homestay B&B locations in Vermont, Montreal, Costa Rica and Australia. 

Getaway from your 'real life' and join us in our little slice of heaven. Offering:

-Health and healing

-Learning organic farming

-Romantic getaway


-Community connection?


RLBB Scholarship Charity

Our public health care system has failed us. We can no longer rely on doctors, therapists, pharmaceuticals or dietitians to provide bandaid solutions. Our charity sponsors holistic healing, support and professional guidance for those in need.


Real Diet but Better

Everything you need to know about diet, nutrition, functional foods, herbs and whole food healing. 

Learn how to cleanse, tone, heal and strengthen your mind, body and spirit with the power of nature. 

We offer psychoemotional and bioindividual nutrition services tailored specifically to you and your unique needs. 


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